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First Level Sacred Studies Apprenticeship Program 2018

This Sacred Studies Program is a comprehensive study and integration of esoteric disciplines, ancient wisdom teachings, ceremonies and earth-honoring ways of living which offer a reconnection to all that we are to all that is.  A rekindling of knowledge so crucial for humanity in this time now. This is a one year  training, consisting of 4 full weekends followed with bi-monthly live teleconferences.


Pyramid of the Moon-2IN THE BEGINNING:  There are common threads found in all Creation stories of an epoch of time before a great deluge, when gods and giants walked the earth. There are ancient texts and sacred oral histories that speak about lost epochs of time when other root races and great civilizations and lost Motherland continents existed on this planet. Every ancient civilization and indigenous culture have their stories of a past golden age when just the “gods” reigned, then the semi-divine gods and finally the humans. What is the truth of our origins? Why were pyramids and temples built on every land mass on earth, who built them and what messages did the original builders leave in stone for humanity?

MYSTERY SCHOOL TRADITIONS: Thousands of years ago in all ancient cultures, there were temples/spiritual universities of learning – systems and practices for accelerating self-awareness and soul evolution. In today’s world, it is not so easy to find our way back to the original truth of these universal teachings and cosmic principles. These esoteric teachings later went underground and became the mystery schools of the Eastern, Western, Oriental and Tibetan philosophies. We will learn about the unique qualities associated with each school, and the 49 levels of consciousness.

thoth (2)THE STONES DO SPEAK: Some of these ancient wisdom teachings were inscribed in heiroglyphs on temple walls and cuneiform clay tablets and in recent times have been deciphered. One of these most ancient records of the true history and origin of man, known as The Emerald Tablets of Thoth-the-Atlantean, consists of 12 tablets which were inscribed on an unknown imperishable green substance said to be Atlantean in origin. Ten of these were deposited in the Great Pyramid of Giza in the custody of the Pyramid Priests.

In this fascinating and enlightening weekend intensive, we will go back to the beginning through sacred texts, oral histories and legends, in search of the original truth. We will delve into the ancient wisdom teachings of The Emerald Tablets of Thoth the Atlantean, and the transcribed teachings of mystery school traditions found in Egyptian temples and Sumerian tablets. We will learn about the Seven Secret Cities, which were established in the beginning throughout the entire planet to hold the arcane wisdom of the Great Ones not only for one epoch of time but through the Seven Cycles of the Ages of Man.


quetzal headAWAKENING THROUGH RECOLLECTION: In this weekend intensive, we will learn the universal laws of energy, and practices for deepening into the authentic self. We will draw upon the ancient mystery school teachings of the Ancient Americas … disciplines to rid ourselves of the emotional scars of past woundings and negative patterns. To own what we have been given in this life, and to shatter the masks that disguise our fears and insecurities. To move past victimstance and disempowerment toward self-love and authenticity. These practices were designed for reclaiming energy, for healing, and for developing our own truth and personal freedom.

SDC11446PROPHECIES AND CEREMONIES: Ceremony is the sacred language of the soul through which we connect with all life…the seen and the unseen. Since ancient times, ceremony and ritual have been used as tools to recover soul awareness and deepen into the wisdom of the authentic Self. To perform ritual is to actively participate in the creation process. When we learn to see and open to the sacred in the “ordinary”, we do not disconnect…we learn to walk in balance. There is much to learn from these ancient practices that can help us to live THE WAY OF THE SACRED as conscious human beings.


Irina Vitalievna KarkabCONSCIOUS RELATION-SHIFTS: We are now moving beyond our cultural programming and limiting traditional roles as men and women, in search of more meaningful ways of relating. Relationships based on the higher values of honesty, authenticity and open-heart communication. This consciousness movement of shifting our attitudes and creating new relationship models will penetrate the entire spectrum of our world … effecting the way we relate in business, in our sexual attitude, in our personal and intimate relationships, and most importantly in the way we relate to ourselves.

In this weekend intensive, we will learn ancient energy practices and new relationship models that promote balance, more vital energy and well-being, and guidelines that inspire extraordinary relationships.

SACRED SEXUALITY AND PARTNERSHIP: There are two types of relationships. The old model, which is created out of our unconscious fears and insecurities and is fueled through learned patterns of manipulation, neediness and deceit. The New Model, which is created through our intentional and conscious choice, out of love and respect for ourselves and others – not out of obligation or our need to control. On this Warrior’s Path of self-empowerment, we will learn the specific heart qualities, emotions and intentions that are the necessary ingredients for building a sacred, loving relationship.  When partners lack consciousness and engage in energetic and sexual activity, liquids and fluids are wasted, thus draining the vital essence. This causes a great loss of energy that could otherwise be used in health and spiritual evolution. Many of our emotional and physical problems have their origin in the loss of this vitality. Managing our sexual energy helps us to attain vitality and balance emotions that allow us to have more meaningful and harmonious relationships.

ALCHEMICAL COMMUNICATION:  Speaking our truth clearly and effectively is a refined art of the spiritual warrior. When we learn to express ourselves from the higher mind and heart, we are able to use the transformative power of our words through our feeling body in the direction of love and healing. Speaking our truth does not mean simply spewing out whatever is in our heart and on our mind…it is a refined art that involves the essential ingredients of timing, stalking our own emotions and being fully present in the moment to the person and the situation, and responding in the most appropriate manner. It is a practice in the ancient art of alchemy – when mastered, the result is the ability to transform fear to love and conflict to intimacy.


budha head with light - CopyTHE RADIANT BODY AND THE EFFECTS OF COLOR AND SOUND:  One of the most important schools of the ancient mystery teachings was the study of esoteric COLOR, SOUND and VIBRATION. They not only effect our behavior and our well-being, they are essential to achieving higher states of awareness.

This last and final weekend together, we will ground ourselves in the esoteric concepts of Sound, Color and Vibration. We will learn techniques to perceive THE AURIC FIELD and learn THE EFFECTS OF COLOR ON HUMAN BEHAVIOR. We will learn about our RADIANT BODIES – the physical body , feeling-emotional body, and the mental body, each having their own qualities. When just one of these “bodies” is dysfunctioning, it will throw all other “bodies” out of alignment, causing stress, dis-ease and imbalance. We will learn techniques to strengthen and synchronize our radiant bodies through sound and breath.

If you would like to be considered for our 2017 Mystery School Program, please contact us at Cynthia@cynthiafloressignet.com.  We look forward to your participation!