Out of the ancient past rose a legend kept alive through the telling of it. There existed an epoch of  prehistory called ZEP TEPI … The First Time when the Divine was made manifest on earth.  The Neturu, the gods walked among men and lived and reigned for thousands of years in the land we now know as Egypt.  These beings bestowed their wisdom and original truth to raise the consciousness of humanity and a great civilization flourished.  The legacy and magnificence of this golden age still exists in the vibrational language of the hieroglyphs and in the sacred geometrical complexes of the great pyramids, temples, labyrinths and hidden underground cities. Join me  on this legendary Odyssey as we explore the ancestral land of Egypt and navigate the sacred waters of the Mother Nile! The Way is open to receive the deep wisdom preserved within the sands of time.  – Cynthia


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Day 1, Oct. 21, 2017:  Arrival into Cairo

All is prepared for us from the moment that we step off the plane in Cairo to ensure that our way is made easy, safe and worry free! We will be warmly welcomed by a member of our expert team immediately upon arrival who will assist us through customs and immigration before transferring us to our luxury accommodations at THE MENA HOUSE Hotel. There, we can relax, unwind, and revel in the knowing that yes, we are really here in the ancestral land of the gods! In the evening we will have an opening circle to connect heart-to-heart, and afterward enjoy a delicious welcome dinner together before settling in for the night. Ahhh… Sweet dreams in the land of THE FIRST TIME! (Welcome Dinner, overnight at the incomparable Mena House Hotel overlooking the Pyramids of Giza!)

Day 2, Oct. 22, 2017: Memphis/Sakkara

thSVWZT2KOIn the predawn hours of the morning upon our first awakening in Egypt,  we hear the hauntingly deep and beautiful sound of the entire city being called to prayer. Open your door and listen – feel the energy of the ancient soul of the land welcoming you home!

Today we begin our odyssey in the ancient city of MEMPHIS,  the legendary city which was founded around 3,100 B.C. by King Menes, who united Upper and Lower Egypt.  From Memphis we are off to explore one of the most awesome wonders of the World! We travel by luxury bus to SAKKARA to the oldest pyramid, the STEP PYRAMID OF DJOSER and its amazing SOUND AND HEALING TEMPLE!  Sakkara was masterminded by Imhotep, the high priest, vizier and architect to King Djoser during Dynasty III. This magnificent site includes Old Kingdom tombs and the earliest known hieroglyphs, the PYRAMID TEXTS, from which came the EGYPTIAN BOOK OF THE DEAD. (Breakfast, lunch, overnight at the Mena House)

Day 3, Oct. 23, 2017: Old Cairo/Khan El Khalili Bazaaregypt market

After our delicious breakfast overlooking the Giza pyramids, we walk back through time along the cobblestone streets of OLD CAIRO where we will visit ST. SERGI CHURCH, where the Holy Family was hidden and protected during their exile into Egypt.  We will visit the oldest synagogue in Cairo and the celebrated EL MOEZ street to capture a breathtaking view of the Cairo skyline during the lighting of the mosques at sunset and witness some of the finest, most elaborate architecture of the Islamic world!

An authentic Egyptian lunch of Koushary will give us fuel for the ultimate fun shopping experience through one of the most famous and oldest market places in the world …  THE KHAN EL KHALLILI BAZAAR!  It is reminiscent of the medieval markets of Ali Baba and Aladdin, where merchant caravans have been selling and bartering their wares along the labyrinth layout of the streets since the 14th century!   (Breakfast, lunch, overnight the Mena House)

thF8XREW7CDay 4, Oct. 24, 2017: Cairo/Luxor/Karnak/Luxor Temple

Today we take our short flight from Cairo to Luxor (the ancient city of Thebes),  to board our private sailing vessel, the DAHABIA AFANDINA, the most beautiful jewel of the Nile!  In the afternoon, we visit KARNAK, one of the  largest ancient temple complexes in the world!  KARNAK is the Temple of Creation within the Divine Plan,  and an ancient  mystery school. We will receive a powerful rite of passage initiation from the living statue of SEKHMET, the lioness goddess, who has never been moved from her original holy sanctum for the past 3,500 years!16480_10153374360573689_2520666208262151507_n

We will then make our way to LUXOR TEMPLE which is also known as the Temple of Man, because it is built in the form of the human body.  The outer layers represent the feet and as we move deeper into the temple, we move towards the head, which houses the holy of holies, the inner sanctuary.  This is an amazing place to focus on physical healing and radiant health.  The energies of this sacred temple complex awakens dormant parts of our self  and activates our divinity codes to consciously access our own inner light. (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, overnight AFANDINA)

Day 5, Wed, Oct 25, 2017 – Abydos / Dendera

On this very special day, we drive early morning to the incomparable temple of ABYDOS, dedicated to Lord Osiris, and house of the nine great beings (the Ennead). This temple rests next to a much more ancient and mysterious subterranean temple, the OSIRION, one of the premier power places on the planet on whose stone columns we will see the FLOWER OF LIFE symbol.  Within this temple complex is also a temple built by Seti I, which contains the most beautiful bas reliefs of any temple in Egypt.

dendera-hathor-webWe then continue our incredible day’s journey to DENDERA, the exquisite temple dedicated to Hathor, the goddess of abundance, love and joy! Just as the priests and priestesses of HATHOR gathered together for their celebrations on the great temple rooftop thousands of years ago, so too will our voices once again echo through the chambers, reconnecting us to past epochs of time … reconnecting us to our destiny!   There is an ancient and well preserved painted zodiacal relief on the ceiling of one of the inner chambers that recalls the origins of Egypt.  (Breakfast, lunch and dinner, Overnight the AFANDINA)

Day 6, Thur. Oct. 26, 2017:  Deir el Bahari/Valley of the Kings/Colossi of Memnon/Sail to Esna

This morning we make a sunrise pilgrimage to DJESER-DJESERU, the magnificent funerary temple of the female Pharaoh 11141294_10155617616315226_4156608653592528986_oHATSHEPSUT at DEIR EL BAHRI.  The name in abbreviated form means Holy of Holies, but the complete Egyptian name means, the great temple of millions of years, the temple of Amun at his outstanding place of the first time.  We then travel a short distance along the West Bank of the Nile to the Necropolis of the VALLEY OF THE KINGS, the royal resting place of the tombs of the great pharaohs such as TUTANKHAMUN, RAMSES III and VI, and THUTMOSIS III.  There burial tombs are intricately inscribed with sacred and magical texts including the Book of Knowing Light and Dark, The Book of the Underworld, The Book of Caverns, and The Book of Naming and Taming the Hours of the Night.  Our final stop on the WEST BANK is a visit to the COLOSSI OF MEMNON, before returning to our private “royal barge” and set sail toward ESNA and reflect on the timeless beauty along the Nile!  (Breakfast, lunch, dinner, Overnight AFANDINA)

Day 7, Fri. Oct. 27, 2017: Sailing the Nile/Temple of Horus


Today we enjoy a beautiful day of sailing along the Nile, and dock in Edfu, where we visit one of the most beautifully preserved temples 024in Egypt, THE TEMPLE OF HORUS.  As we approach the temple, we are aware of the enormity of the sacred complex, with a vast courtyard, a forest of towering columns and a ceiling that reaches to the heavens!  Here, we follow the story of the hero’s quest as we learn how Horus and his followers (the Shemsu Hor) conquered chaos.  We will hear the tale of the sacred marriage of the king and queen as the embodiment of Horus and the goddess Hathor. The side chambers of the temple of Horus shows the complexity of ancient rites, with its healing chamber; perfumery and anointing oils, a sound chamber named the HOUSE OF LIFE, which stored all of the sacred texts used in daily and seasonal rituals.  Horus is associated with higher vision and clarity.  The EYE OF HORUS relates to his myth and power. The left eye represents the lunar, the moon, intuition, the feminine energy.  The right eye is connected to the Sun, the masculine, and the yang energy.  Both are necessary for true power to exist.  We will work with balancing the lunar and the solar energies within our selves to awaken our intuitive centers and experience a higher perspective.  Back on board the Afandina we enjoy a delicious lunch as we set sail to ESNA.  (Breakfast, lunch and dinner, Overnight AFANDINA)

Day 8, Sat. Oct. 28, 2017: Temple of Kom Ombo

KOM OMBO is the only Temple of duality in Egypt. This dramatic temple poised between the edge of the Nile  River and the encroaching desert sand was dedicated to two gods – SOBEK the crocodile god of strength, fortitude, fertility and rebirth, and HORUS the hawk-headed son of Isis and Osiris.  The duality of light and dark, yin and yang, conscious and unconscious is apparent in this sacred site. One power spot in Kom Ombo is the SEAT OF NEUTRALITY, which is found at the exact centerline between the parts of the temple that are dedicated to Horus/Sobek and Light/Dark. We will dock on a nearby island overnight. (Breakfast, lunch, dinner, Overnight AFANDINA)

PhilaeTemple_ImageDay 9, Sun. Oct. 29, 2017:Temple of Philae/Aswan 

Today, we return to the source of all, the Great Mother ISIS at her beautiful island TEMPLE AT PHILAE. This amazing temple complex served as a powerful point of light and knowledge for the mystery schools of the Divine Feminine, and the presence of the Great Goddess and her priestesses is still palpable in the innermost sanctum, the Holy of Holies, where we will do ceremony to receive her blessings.  In the afternoon we have a fun time exploring the local markets of ASWAN and experiencing the rich culture of Nubia!  (Breakfast, lunch, dinner, Overnight AFANDINA)

Day 10, Mon. Oct. 30, 2017: Aswan/Abu Simble1466064_214244528756075_1351190886_n

Today we say a heartfelt farewell to our staff and deboard our jewel of the Nile, the Afandina.  We drive 3 hours through the most mysterious terrain of the SAHARA DESERT to reach the colossal temples of ABU SIMBLE, hewn from a mountain of solid rock for Ramesses II and his beloved, Neferti.  An inscription over the entrance of Nefertari’s temple reads “Ramses II, he has made a temple excavated in the mountain, of eternal workmanship, for the chief Queen Nefertari, beloved of Mu, in Nubia, forever and ever, Nefertari, for whose sake the very sun does shine.”  Awwww…the twin temples of eternal lovers!   (Breakfast, Dinner Overnight ABU SIMBEL HOTEL)

Day 11, Tue. Oct. 31, 2017:Aswan/Cairo

After a delicious and leisurely breakfast, we head for the Aswan Airport and take a short flight back to Cairo and check into our palace overlooking the Giza Plateau!  (Breakfast, flight to Cairo, Overnight MENA HOUSE)

Day 12, Wed. Nov. 1, 2017: Cairo Museum

Today we spend the entire day visiting the famous EGYPTIAN MUSEUM to stand face to face with the spiritual legacy of priest kings, queens, scribes and healers!  Our Egyptologist will guide us through this enormous museum with a collection of over 200,000 ancient Egyptian artifacts dating back to 4,000 BC.  We will explore all of the many rooms that house such treasures as those of TUT-ANKH-AMUN, and feel the eerie energies from the ancient statues, mummies and stelae that were imbued with magical rites!

13731901_10155605558600226_3912402560651982877_oDay 13,Thur., Nov. 2, 2017: Giza Pyramid/Sphinx

Are you ready for the most memorable and transformative day of your lifetime!  In the pre-dawn hours of the morning, we walk the GIZA PLATEAU in silent ceremonial procession to arrive between the paws of the GREAT SPHINX, the ageless sentinel who guards the Way of the Sacred!  We ask for entrance into the GREAT PYRAMID of Life, as have all initiates of all epochs.  On this, our final day in the Land of The First Time, we gain private entrance into the Great Pyramid, exploring the main chambers before reaching the KING’S CHAMBER, the holy grail of our Egypt Quest!  Here, within the highest frequencies of this harmonic chamber and the Sarcophagus of High Initiation, we unite our life story with the story of those who came before us and those who will come after us, as we fully open to and embrace the experience of the transformation within ourselves!

In the evening at our farewell dinner we share our most memorable experiences and  amazing adventures of our magical Egyptian Quest. With a full and grateful heart, we say our reluctant goodbyes (for now) to the lifelong friends that we have made during this journey.  We go homes knowing that we have not only been truly blessed on this Egypt Odyssey, but forever changed by it!   (Breakfast and dinner,  Mena House)

Day 14, Fri., November 3, 2017: Departures

Book your departure flight home at your leisure after a sumptuous breakfast at the Mena House before check out.  (Breakfast, Private transport to the Cairo Airport)

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