The Realm of the Royal House of Ca’an

NOVEMBER 9 – 14, 2022 

Every once in a while, I put on my Indiana Jones hat, lace up my hiking boots and set out for another great adventure into the wild!  To actually see an ancient site still wrapped in the roots of the forest trees; to hear the live euphonic concert of birds, howler monkeys and even the deep roar of the jaguars break the silence of the forest; to walk ancient paths and breathe such rich, oxygenated air that your senses are heightened and you are propelled into another time and place much more ancient than this one!  Wanna come?  Let’s go!

The lost royal Mayan kingdom of CALAKMUL is such a place, for now.  Let’s see it before the wild is gone!  Before the highways are built and the tourists are herded down cement walkways … before access into the temples is roped off in the name of preservation and the guards scrutinize your every move.  Are you with me?  You can thank me later!

CALAKMUL lies hidden away at the southern tip of the Yucatan Peninsula in a magical and  pristine biosphere of 723,000 km of untouched Mayan forest, the second largest rainforest in the Americas (next to the Amazon). And it is not just another Mayan site.  It is one of the largest lost kingdoms of the Mayan Realm that rivaled Palenque and Tikal in majesty and power!  

It  was built in the time of the reign of the royal house of Ca’an, the Serpent King.  And do I have some off the grid stories of my own to tell you about the origins of these people!  Alternative history still passed on through lineage and oral tradition by the Mayan wisdom keepers and shamans. Alternative history that you will not find in modern history books.   But I will wait until we are sitting around the campfire in our ecolodge under a star-drenched night, (with a glass of wine in hand, of course!) 



It means that this Mayan adventure is offered with the same integrity as other journeys, just without the frills.  It is tailored for those who love adventure, are physically active and have no problem  traveling more economically.  And just because it is more economical does not mean it is any less comfortable and fun!  Everyone will be more than well taken care of. Instead of private van with driver, we will be using SUV’s and perhaps taxis and other local transportation.  Our accommodations are super comfortable and will also be shared, which means that everyone has their own bed, but it may be more than 2 per room; and as there are no porters in the jungle, you will be responsible for carrying your own luggage, so travel light!


I am an adventurer but I don’t like camping on a hard, rocky floor if I can help it, as I do have my standards!   So, I have found a gem of an intimate jungle ecolodge at the edge of the biosphere with an ambience reminiscent of a John Steinbeck novel!  No high-speed internet here, but you will have an authentic jungle experience and will be well taken care of!   It is a gathering place for Mayan enthusiasts and visiting archaeologists and is owned and run by a Canadian couple whose dream it is to offer a bit of luxury within an authentic jungle atmosphere.

We will lodge for 3 nights here in our shared 1 or 2 bedroom “jungalow” cabanas with private baths equipped with fluffy towels and comfy beds of Egyptian linens. The open-air palapa restaurant is a favorite to both locals and visitors and well known for its delicious international food, and is anything but primitive!  Special attention is placed on cleanliness and purified water is used in the preparation of all foods.   Dinner is served by candle light and the tables are dressed with white linen tablecloths, fine china and stemware. Need I say more?

We will spend our arrival and departure days (2 nights) in the Pueblo Magico of Bacalar!  It is  famous for its Lagoon of Seven Colors that flash in the sunlight from the deepest shade of blue to turquoise and crystalline.  Bacalar is a perfect beginning and ending to an amazing time, to recharge and and relax in the crystal blue water or take a stroll through the city to enjoy the local shops and the many restaurants. 


As everyone knows that has travelled with me, there will always be room for serendipitous happenings that are not built into the itinerary.   Some of the highlights of this amazing adventure will be:

  • Full day of exploration at CALAKMUL 
  • Full day of exploration of a treasure trove of amazing, yet little known ancient Mayan cities abandoned in the jungle, with exquisite Mayan architecture and glyphs!  It is a view into the ancient Mayan civilization as it was, and having the whole place to ourselves!
  • We will visit Mayan villages within the biosphere that continue the practice of traditional Mayan medicine and artisanal handicrafts. 
  • Most importantly, Cynthia will share knowledge that she received from Mayan wisdomkeepers of the oral tradition … an esoteric understanding that sheds new light on who the ancient Maya were and what their civilization left behind for a new humanity to follow!

COST & WHAT IS INCLUDED: 5 nights/6 days

$895 per person (this journey is open to 10 participants only)

This is a traveling soul family adventure, which means that you are not just a participant, you are family! And a group of like minded and heart-centered kindred spirits make all the difference in the quality of the journey and the depth of what we experience.  If this calls to you, please join us!

Included is 5 nights lodging (3 nights shared lodging in Eco-lodge within the biosphere of Calakmul; 2 nights shared lodging in Bacalar;  all land transportation to designated sites to and from Bacalar; daily wisdom teachings with Cynthia; daily breakfast; 3 lunches (2 packed to-go lunches during the days we are visiting the site); and 3 delicious dinners.

LODGING: We have rooms with two beds and casitas with 2 and 3 bedrooms with 2 – 4 bed configurations.  If you have a preference, it is on a first come/first served basis, so sign up now!


Your travel to and from Bacalar; Personal items such as beverages, snacks, 2 dinners and 1 lunch is not included.  

Email to register or with questions.  I will send you information on how to easily travel to Bacalar!  


Arrival day is November 9 and departure day is November 14, 2022 at your leisure.  The closest airport to Bacalar is CHETUMAL INTERNATONAL AIRPORT, and shuttles are available from the airport to our hotel in Bacalar for approximately $12 each way).  For more information and alternate ways of getting to and from Bacalar and booking flights, email Cynthia.