The Soul of the Sacred Feminine

“The Sisterhood exists. It has always existed since the beginning of time and the old ways have endured through each Great Epoch and Earth Cycle.  Pieces of ritual and knowledge have been clandestinely guarded and passed on through lineage,  and the remembrance of the Sacred Feminine is now awakening within the cellular memory of our collective ancestral roots. The Return of the Ancient Sisterhood is a woman’s return to her own internal power, beauty and strength. It is the cure for our own soul sickness and the potion needed to heal the earth and lay the foundation for a New Era of light for our children and our children’s children.” –Cynthia Flores-Signet


 The Workshop:

In this workshop, Cynthia shares fascinating and relevant information and mythology about an ancient and forgotten epoch of prehistory when the Goddess, the Great Earth Mother, was revered as deity. It was a time when life was holistic in nature, ritually celebrated, and the Sisterhood was an inherent part of daily life.  It served as the wellspring of wisdom and unity within the community. Women understood the changing of the seasons, the cosmic cycles of time, and the rhythms of their own bodies.

 Changes occurred and external forces of domination and control through fear began to pervade the peaceful Goddess culture. The knowledge, ceremonies and earth-honoring ways of life were not only forgotten they were forbidden, methodically perverted, desecrated and annihilated from historical memory.  Women were severed from their innate wisdom, their connection with the earth and from each other. Her voice was silenced and the teachings and rituals of the Goddess were forced underground into the realms of the subconscious for thousands of years.

 But the flame of the collective soul of the ancient feminine was never extinguished. It burns, still today, within the very depth of our being and flows within the cellular memory of our own matriarchal lineages. It is time, the prophesied time of the return of the Divine Feminine. The light of the Sacred Feminine and the violet flame is returning as the way-shower for a humanity that has lost its balance. The call is sounding for women to reawaken to their birthright and recollect the wisdom and ways of the Sacred Feminine…to bring restorative healing to ourselves, our children and future generations to come.




I am daughter, sister, mother in thousands of generations of women,

women whose skills created peaceful and bountiful civilizations,

women who preserved remnants of our knowledge when the civilizations passed. 

I am a woman, a part of and the whole of the first circle,

the circle that transcends space and time, the circle of women joined.






In this introduction into the feminine mysteries, Cynthia will share teachings on –


The old wisdom and ways of the ancient feminine have been preserved through mystery school traditions and passed down through matriarchal lineages.  Elders and earth keepers of indigenous world traditions have safeguarded ceremonies, sacred dance, songs and stories that are lovingly shared with women of this generation


Ceremony is the language which connects us to the unity of all things seen and unseen.  We will learn simple but powerful ceremonies which you can immediately begin to practice and make part of your daily spiritual practice.


To walk the path of beauty is to walk the path of the Divine Feminine, seeing past the illusion to the heart of the truth.  It is to live from our highest potential and inner knowing, to resonate from the heart and choose in the present moment.  Beauty is the highest frequency attainable on this earth walk.


These are powerful forms of expression used for communing with nature and the unseen forces.  They are tools to balance the energetic field and to reach higher states of awareness.  In this workshop we will celebrate our connection through  sacred dance and song handed down through oral tradition.

This workshop serves as a beautiful introduction into the mysteries and ways of the ancient feminine, but it is only a beginning point.  To mend and reweave the tapestry of knowledge, ancestral wisdom and solidarity of the ancient sisterhood is a lifelong  process.   It is a new, yet ancient concept among women to truly take the time to come together again, to re-member, to deepen into the true meaning of sisterhood. Most importantly, when women come together in a sacred way …  it is a time to dream, to create, to make all things beautiful!   

About Cynthia:

Cynthia Flores-Signet is a teacher of esoteric wisdom and ancient mystery school traditions.  She has facilitated the establishment of community women’s circles in the United States, Mexico and Costa Rica, and is the founder of THE INTERNATIONAL CIRCLE OF THE ANCIENT SISTERHOOD, an international alliance of women dedicated to retrieving the arcane knowledge, ceremonies and rituals of the Sacred Feminine principle.

At the age of 29 she was initiated into the path of the Goddess through a Sisterhood lineage “older than time”.  Her continued service is to  promote a deeper understanding of the mysteries of the Divine Feminine through the blending of ancient wisdom traditions and modern day holistic practices.  Her vision is to establish community circles of women internationally to reweave the bonds of trust, love and solidarity, and to share knowledge and earth-honoring practices that will return us to the  ways of the sacred.