“The Sisterhood exists. It has always existed since the beginning of time, and
the old ways have endured through each great epoch and earth cycle. Pieces of
ritual and knowledge clandestinely guarded and passed on through lineage by
a few chosen ones. Remembrances of the Sacred Feminine are now awakening
within the cellular memory of our collective ancestral roots. The return of the
ancient sisterhood is a woman’s return to her own internal power, beauty and
strength. It is the cure for our own soul sickness and the potion needed to heal
the earth and lay the foundation for a new era of light for our children and
our children’s children.” – Cynthia Flores-Signet







The Circle of the Ancient Sisterhood 

The Circle of the Ancient Sisterhood is a life journey into the very heart and soul of the Divine Feminine.  Women from all cultures and earth-honoring traditions are gathering together to reawaken the collective memory of an energy that has been dormant on this planet for over two thousand years! It is the revival of the  oldest earth traditions and the grounding of a new frequency of light.. It is the return of the sacred through the wisdom of the Ancient Sisterhoods!




We are an international alliance of women dedicated to retrieving the arcane wisdom, ceremony, rituals, teachings and practices of the Sacred Feminine principle. We are women of ancient lineages who have been called to re-member and embrace the power of the energy that we each hold within the support of the Sisterhood. Through the sharing of our talents … through story, song, dance, and ritual, we weave and mend the wholeness of our own feminine nature and reestablish the bond that eons ago united us in strength and purpose. We come together to learn the art of ebb and flow within the sacred hoop of life and ritually step into the mystery of Her ways of compassion, wisdom and beauty. We open to our intuition and innate connection with the natural and unseen world. We honor our knowing, our gifts and our healing abilities to bring restorative balance to ourselves and the earth.

In ancient times women were intimate with the cycles of the season and the rhythms of their own bodies. We understood the importance of taking time to be with other women in a sacred way…to dream, to create, to make all things beautiful. To stand in the direct presence of the feminine face of God and embrace the deepest, most powerful aspects of ourselves is to bathe in the pool of pure potential and embrace all that we are as a daughter of the Sacred Feminine.


We have each been intuitively called to take our place in this Circle… called by the women of all epochs of time, called by the women of our own ancestral lineage, and called by the Divine Mother herself, to return to the Circle to remember the ways of the sacred feminine through the Ancient Sisterhood. We are mothers, daughters and grandmothers from diverse backgrounds and cultures. 

We are a voluntary organization, there are no regular dues or fees. Small donations are requested at times in order to support the necessary operational expenses of the Circle. What is required is your commitment to gather with other women of like heart and mind on a regular basis in your own community, and create your own unique and important place within the Circle. These community circles are interdependent with the International Circle of the Ancient Sisterhood, which combines the teachings, the knowledge, the talents, the sacred songs and ceremonies into One Central Source which is shared with every circle for the benefit of all. Communication and information between circles remains open and fluid through scheduled conferences, international gathering at sacred sites, and on our private forum on our website.  The bonds that are created at these gatherings and the sacred work that is done together, surpasses space and time!  Please contact Cynthia if you would like more information about establishing a new circle in your own community!