Ancient Wisdom Teachings & Rituals of the Nahuatl Tradition

guided by  wisdomkeeper Chief Martha Sole Valois 





October 29 – November 2, 2020


In this five day immersion into the mystery school teachings and traditions of the Nahuatl culture we will reach into the ancient past to create a dream for the future! It is not only what we learn, but HOW we learn it, and this is a very special opportunity to learn directly from a wisdomkeeper of the Nahuatl tradition.  By special invitation to our group, Chief Martha is opening her heart, her home and sharing her sacred traditions and knowledge with us during one of the most important pre-hispanic festivals of the year, Dia de los Muertos!  Within the privacy and security of her traditional healing sanctuary ( in a pueblo near the sacred site of Xoxicalco, Mexico) we will lodge in simple dormitory style accommodations and share meals of authentic regional food prepared with love by our hosts.  This intimate gathering is open to a maximum of 10 participants.  

Ailtonal Zempalyolotl Chief Martha Sole Valois is a wisdomkeeper and Guardian of the Azteka Solar Tradition. She is a Solar Dancer, Moon Dancer and internationally recognized spokesperson of the ancient Nahuatl tradition.  The people from this land are Mexica (meh-shee-ca), part of the Olmec, Toltec, Chichimec and Aztec ancient cultures. With integrity and discernment she will share ceremonies and teachings that have been in the guardianship of the Nahuatl tradition for centuries  – knowledge that was prophesied to be returned to humanity in this time now in preparation for the dawning of the sixth sun!

Dia de los Muertos or DAY OF THE DEAD FESTIVAL is a beautiful pre-hispanic ritual that has been practiced by the Aztec (Mexica) people of ancient America (Anahuac), for more than two thousand years. It is a time of honoring and remembering loved ones who have passed on, and a time of celebrating life. The ancients did not fear death, they honored it as part of the natural cycle of life – birth/death/regeneration.  Ceremony is the language through which we connect with Spirit and the unseen forces.  As Jefa Martha says, “despite the pandemic the rituals should not stop, and above all this, the Ceremony of the Dead! It is deeply important to achieve the prayer for all those who have left without saying goodbye. Thousands of names are very important worldwide, we must stand in solidarity with that!”

“Dia de Los Muertos is the most deeply rooted festival in our country.  MIKAILHUITL in the Nahuatl language means “the great festival of the dead.”  It is carried out with an all night vigil where the flowers are sung and the flowers are spread, the altars are adorned and photographs of those who have passed can be placed.  All the groups of traditional dancers celebrate this vigil of souls, and they prepare to consecrate their instruments of power to be used for the coming year.” –  Jefa Martha Sole


Artisan Ritual Craft Workshop

Our group will participate in a traditional artesanía ritual workshop (artisan ritual craft), where ceremonial objects are made in a particular way with specific materials and intent. These are personal power objects for offerings to the unseen forces, the elements, and the spirits in thanks for a gift received, requesting help in a specific problem, or asking for protection. All the objects used in various ceremonies and rites are infused with  a mystical character of protection, all of them marked with sacred motifs or decorations.  It is important to prepare and present offerings such as this in a correct way, and ritual items need to be blessed and consecrated before they may be used in ceremony.  

During the great festival of Dia de Los Muertos, Jefa Martha will take us to a very special artisan community near the sacred site of Xoxicalco that is known throughout the region for their ritual clay pots, or popochcomitls, which are ritual incense burners. The heavenly aroma from the smoke of copal incense  purifies and calls the ancestors near!

 In this all day workshop we will receive directly from the hands and knowledge of the indigenous women artisans, the magical art of making! They will lovingly  teach us the entire process to make our own popochcomitl, an instrument of power and protection that we each will create from a mixture of materials, clay and sand. We will choose our own designs to adorn our ritual pot, which will be “fired” in their traditional oven.  Our ritual piece will then be ready for us to take home to use for our own protection and cleansing ceremonies permanently!  It is an honor to be taught in these ancient ways, and on the night of November 1st, during our Day of the Dead vigil, our popochcomitls will be blessed and used for the first time, and in the traditional way in this important ceremony!

Ancient Wisdom Teachings of the Nahuatl Tradition 

Throughout our time together Chief Martha will be introducing us to Aztec cosmogony on the origin and evolution of the universe, some teachings not previously allowed outside of the Nahuatl tradition.  And most appropriately during the Day of the Dead Festival, she will speak on the subject of alternate dimensions and the evolution of the soul.

Because we are a small group in an intimate setting we will be free to receive guidance and clarity on subjects that matter.  In the past there were schools or Teocallis, where students of life were given the tools and spiritual guidance and understanding to advance in wisdom and character.  This is a moment in time for us to experience the same! 

 Cost & What’s Included:

It is important to understand that this modest exchange is contributing to the ability for these wisdom keepers of tradition, such as Jefa Martha,  to continue their important work and service in preserving and sharing their knowledge.  These direct teachings and transformational experiences deeply touch the soul and inspire us to evolve and grow individually and as a humanity! Your support of these teachers and teachings  makes all the difference, especially in these times!  

$550.00 all-inclusive (please refer to what is included below) 

$495.00 all-inclusive for “light miles” discount.  (For all who have participated in more than two journeys with Cynthia, this is her way of saying “Thank you for your love and support of these important teachings teachers and transformative journeys! Sorry, no exceptions!) 

Cynthia will be at the Mexico City airport to meet your flight and welcome you with open arms for a smooth and easy arrival! Once the group is gathered, we will step aboard our private chauffeured van or car from the airport to Jefa Martha’s private sanctuary, where we will be received by Jefa Martha as family!   

Our days together will be spent in sacred work which will fill our spirit and renew our soul! Within the privacy of this traditional healing retreat we will share 4 nights lodging ad 11 delicious meals! Jefa Martha will share priceless teachings, and we will participate in the preparation of a traditional Day of the Dead altar and all night vigil of flowers and sacred song to honor and sing home those who have passed. All materials for the all day artisan workshop and ceremonies are included, as well as transportation to/from the indigenous pueblo for the workshop and roundtrip group transport to/from the Mexico City airport.  If you do not arrive or depart during the designated time for the group, you will be charged for your individual transportation to/from the airport to the healing center.  Your roundtrip airfare is not included.

Elective Options:

The option of spending an extra night at Jefa Martha’s retreat to rest and renew your spirit with wonderful healing herbs, a refreshing swim in the pool or traditional purification rituals is available, and Cynthia will be glad to send you details and prices.  For a small donation to Jefa Martha’s center those who would like to participate in a temazcal (which is a traditional purification ceremony (also known as the sweatlodge or Inipi Ceremony) will be offered and led by Jefa Martha on-site. Jefa Martha is also available for individual LIMPIAS ESOTÉRICA, a potent traditional healing and cleansing ritual in which she was trained.   More information will be given upon arrival for those who may wish to participate in one or both of these rituals. 

It is with sincere gratitude and profound respect that I thank Chief Martha for sharing these teachings and ceremonies of the Sixth Sun!  They are gifts from the heart to be treasured.  I invite you to join me for this rare opportunity and if you are called, we would love for you to join us!  Due to the intimate nature of this intensive, space is limited to 10 so that we can provide you with personal attention in a supportive environment.  Please email Cynthia to verify space availability and secure your deposit. Additional information will be sent to you upon registration.