Breakdowns and Breakthroughs in Original Truth


with Cynthia Flores-Signet


 September 12 -17, 2019 



WHO’S AWAKE? We are a groggy humanity waking up from a 2000 year-old sleep, suffering from severe amnesia from the truth of who we are and what we are here on earth to do.    To “awaken”  to this awareness is just the first baby step in our mission of co-creating a new earth for a new humanity, and we are on a cosmic timeline to get it done!  REMEMBER?       

This is the final curtain call on the close of a 104,000 year Grand Cycle of Time in which “all things of heaven and earth” are being revealed.  The divine humor in all of this is that all things ARE being revealed in the form of the largest data dump in the history of the world.  This dump heap of information contains the baby with the bath water.  Revelations along with disinformation , and it just keeps coming!   And guess who is here to wade knee deep through the heap to discern what is fact from distortion?  WE ARE!  And the choices that we make will spawn an entirely new belief system … a new paradigm for the next evolution of humanity on this planet. 


OUR BELIEFS CREATE THE WORLD. It can be no other way.  Knowledge, no matter how great, is only information unless it is integrated as truth that transforms our perception.  And on a global scale we are heading for a colossal shift in perception, folks!  Can you feel it?  On a daily basis, new science is validating spirituality; mind-blowing revelations are surfacing from age old manuscripts and archaeological discoveries are turning history as we know it into a cesspool of lying poop!  This is bringing us to the obvious conclusion that what we were taught as the unquestionable truth is like a deed we were sold for some ocean front property in the middle of the  Sahara Desert.  And we have bought into it, staking our umbrella in the sand, wearing our rose-colored  glasses, sipping our lemonade and waiting for the tide to come in.   

 ARE WE PREPARED TO KNOW THE ORIGINAL TRUTH?  A quantum mind shift from “the earth isn’t flat, to  it’s really round” kind of disclosures?  Are we ready for this divinely timed universal mandate to leap like a cyborg out of a crumbling archaic paradigm of external control and greed into an enlightened epoch fit for an evolved humanity?  ARE WE?

THERE IS A GREAT RIFT in consciousness brewing between the old world and the new one.  And if we are not secure in our own knowing, if we are without clear direction and balance, we can easily be pulled into it through our own naivety.   Some of the most brilliant conscious minds and the greatest of true teachers are among us now to be of assistance in this transition.  But so are the best of the best fake ones! 

Those who have been controlling this outworn third-dimensional belief system are not going quietly into oblivion. They are trying their best to numb us and dumb us down.  They are clawing at the sides of the precipice, hanging on for dear life.  They are screaming and kicking and throwing the greatest tantrum!  And it is manifesting in a super-storm of cunning deception, manipulation, and intentionally induced chaos to distract us from  knowing our true selves and the power we hold.  What a bother!

HAVE WE FORGOTTEN WHERE OUR TREASURE IS BURIED?  Where the road maps are stored?   Not the treasure of economic wealth, but our inheritance of ancient wisdom to get us through this rift of perception and beyond. The stage is set.  There is a higher order at work.  These new revelations and earth-changing events, (and yes, even the intentional chaos) are all catalysts for this paradigm shift from third to fifth dimension reality.  Perhaps soon we will look up from our cell phones, take a break from our selfies, and realize just how awesome it is to be alive and  to play a part in this epoch of time!   Because you ARE playing a part, you know?  Your choice to do nothing or your choice to do something is having an impact on this rift between worlds. 

For over two decades Cynthia has led sacred pilgrimages to Teotihuacan as a teacher of the Toltec Mystery School traditions.  But  this September she will be reaching back much further into earth’s past … epochs of time that have been completely lost to the memory of this humanity.  For the first time, Cynthia will be sharing over 10 years of dedicated research on the latest discoveries of ancient civilizations, sacred texts, and archaeological discoveries that will change reality as we know it.  It is information that sheds light on our true origins and cosmic heritage, and on interplanetary civilizations that have directly influenced humanity and consciousness on this planet.  Cynthia will also offer practical Toltec disciplines for deepening within our own knowing and discerning our own truth.  

 There is no greater place to present these teaching than THE PYRAMIDS OF TEOTIHUACAN!  It is one of a few sacred precincts on earth built by the “gods”.   As Cynthia will reveal in these ancient wisdom teachings in September, TEOTIHUACAN held the light when all other lights went out at the beginning of this present earth cycle.  And it continues to play a monumental role through the closing of this grand cycle of time,  as we navigate our way to the next cycle of our evolution.  See you there!

Please email Cynthia if you are called to attend

Cost includes teachings, accommodations, and meals: 

$950.00 (shared occupancy)  Private room is available at additional cost

Special Discount for Cynthia’s students and Sacred Sites traveling Soul Family:  $800 

A $250 non-refundable deposit will hold your space   Detailed information about arranging your flights to Mexico City International Airport will be sent once you are registered and the deposit has been received.

What’s Included: 

Everything is included except your round trip airfare!   Daily teachings; entry fees to the Pyramids; lodging in a beautiful private retreat center that lies in the shadows of the ancient pyramid city of Teotihuacan, called the House of the Dreamers! All meals (which they must secretly sprinkle with fairy dust, they are so delicious!) are served family style; and round trip group transportation to and from the Mexico City International airport are included.

Teotihuacan Conference Sept. 12-17, 2019


MYSTERIES OF TEOTIHUACAN: Sumerians, Giants and All That Glitters!