April 26 – May 4, 2022

Beltane Stone Circle Ceremony – Stonehenge Sunrise Ceremony  –  Glastonbury Tor  –  Chalice Well  –  Tintagel Castle  –  Merlin’s Cave  –  Silbury Hill  –  Avebury  –  West Kennet Longbarrow  –  Stone Circles of Stanton Drew and Boscowen-Un  –  the World’s Largest Witchcraft Museum  –  St. Nectan’s Faerie Glen  –  Healing Springs  –  Ley Lines  –  Hermitages and Holy Shrines  –  and all the Magic that is Avalon!  

Join Cynthia and our guide of the realm and resident Glastonbury knight on this enchanted journey as we lift the veils into the higher frequencies of a time lost in time to once again live the legends of Avalon!

Mandatory requirements to the following conditions are a prerequisite to all who wish to be part of this journey — child-like wonder; a fearless heart; the ability to laugh often and loudly at the silliest things; a healthy respect for faery folk and a strong belief in magic!  No exceptions and you WILL be tested!  


Glastonbury & the Isle of Avalon

 April 26th & 27th 

Welcome to Glastonbury and the Holy Isle of Avalon, the sacred heart chakra of Gaia!  This is  a place of mystical healing energies and portal openings into unknown realms.  Here we will delve deep into the myths and legends that live through the telling of them –  the Quest for the Holy Grail; goddess spirituality; earth mysteries; ley lines; Celts and Druids, King Arthur, Guinevere, Morgan Le Fay and Merlin the Enchanter!

We will discover and explore the power and beauty of the sacred sites of Avalon – The Glastonbury Abbey (the burial site of King Arthur and Guinevere) where the Michael and Mary leylines cross; the Chalice Well Gardens and home of the sacred red spring; The Tor and its labyrinth and the healing white spring that flows underneath.  It is here where lies the portal to Annwn, the “otherworld” and the doorway to the home of GwynAp Nudd, the King of the faerie folk!  

 Our group will be lodging in Glastonbury for 3 nights, so no worries!  There will be free time in the late afternoons for quiet reflection at your favorite site or to enjoy the village and meet the colorful locals while doing some shopping therapy, tarot, astrological reading, or massage.  


 The Enchanted Stone Circles of Stanton Drew

 April 28th


Just a few miles from Glastonbury off the beaten path,  lies a place of wonder and enchantment!  It is a prehistoric site and the third largest stone circle in all of Britain,  STANTON DREW!  Not much is known of this mysterious site where the telluric energy is palpable.  Story has it that the stones have never been counted no matter how many times it is attempted!  Dating from the Neolithic Age of 3000BCE this magnificent site was an important ceremonial center of tall totem-like poles in nine concentric circles and three rings of over a hundred stones with a cove of three huge stones!  We will ceremonially enter into the center of the magnetic stone ring to open to the silent knowledge that it has held for thousands of years!   After our time at this ancient circle site we will enjoy lunch by the three huge cove stones at the Druid Arms Pub before returning to Glastonbury!  


Cornwall, Tintagel Castle & Merlin’s Cave

 April 29th

 On this day we depart Glastonbury and travel to the North of Cornwall. En route we visit the small Celtic sanctuary of St. Clether where we drink deeply from the waters of his holy well. A time for healing and quiet contemplation.  Then onward to TINTAGEL and the stuff that legends are made of!

  “Don’t let it be forgot that once there was a spot,

for one brief and shining moment,

that was known as Camelot!” 

 We will climb the heights of the summit ruins of Tintagel Castle that sit high on a cliff above the rocky coastline.  This is said to be the birthplace of King Arthur, where Merlin rescued him as an infant and secretly fostered him to be King!

We will walk the winding ancient paths in the footsteps of Arthurian knights, kings and queens, wizards and sorceresses!

 Located  below Tintagel Castle is the magical SEA CAVE OF MERLIN!  At low tide, we will explore this awesome abode that Merlin made his home.  And if weather permits, we will swim in the bay with its resident seals!  

 Our group will lodge in Tintagel for 3 nights to enter the dreamtime of the mythic world in the land of the dragonfire!  


 St. Nectan’s Faery Glen & Healing Sanctuary

 April 30th

 We explore one of the most enchanted places in Britain – St Nectan’s Faerie Glen where lies the spectacular waterfall of St. Nectan and his sixth century hermitage and healing sanctuary.  Here we will immerse our body and cleanse our spirit in the natural spring healing pools and meditate beneath the tall moss covered trees of the glen. We may even build a faerie stack of stones to make a wish upon.

Some say that once you have built your faerie stack,

if you are still and quiet enough …

you may glimpse a faery flitting past!

 This is a most glorious place of mystical natural beauty and this glen is the origin and inspiration of many stories from visits from King Arthur and his knights to ghostly apparitions, paranormal activity and faery and pixie sightings!  It is known as one of the most sacred sites of the UK, with its 60 foot waterfall cascading into the valley!

After our adventure in St.Nectan’s Faerie Glen we will have a delicious lunch in the picturesque village of Boscaste with free time to visit the world’s largest MUSEUM OF WITCHCRAFT AND MAGIC!  



 Beltane at Boscowen-Un & Madron’s Holy Well

 May 1st

We take a day trip and travel southward to Britain’s most resplendent area of ancient monuments in the little beautiful district of Penwith near Penzance! Here we can view the extraordinary citadel of St Michaels Mount, perched high on a tidal island.  This is where the famous Michael ley line begins.  Our awesome and valiant guide will share tales with us of its ancient association with Atlantis as the land of Lyonesse.

Onward to the secret shrine of the Madron’s holy well  for a water blessing ritual, so don’t forget  to bring a special piece of cloth or ribbon to hang in the offering tree!

After cleansing our spirit with the magical water of Madron’s Well, we are now prepared to recieve the sacred “new fire” of the Celtic fertility ceremony of Beltane!  

We will welcome in the Spring in ceremony within the hidden from plain site Megalithic stone circle of Boscowen-Un –  the Nine Maidens Stone Circle!

The Mary earth energy current passes through the crystalline granite stones of this sacred circle potently charging the atmosphere!  We will also celebrate May Day by a visit to its sister circle site, the Merry Maidens before returning to Tintagel overnight. 



 Travelling through the Moors  

May 2nd

On this day we travel through the mysterious and haunted moors of Dartmoor, a wilderness landscape of awesome untamed beauty!  This is the breathtaking highlands of England with its craggy tors (natural rock formations), powerful streams, grassy moors and barren plains.

We stop at Jamaica Inn made famous by Daphne de Maurier and arrive at the market town of Marlborough where we stay overnight.


 Stonehenge, Avebury, Silbury Hill & West Kennet Long Barrow 

May 3rd


We rise early for our sunrise pilgrimage to Stonehenge for a ceremony within the temple!  After breakfast we travel on the to the glorious stone circle of Avebury, the earth’s largest megalithic stone circle site!    

Set within a sacred landscape we will also include a visit to nearby Silbury Hill and West Kennet Long Barrow, the oldest and longest Neolithic tomb in Britain!  To experience these mysterious and ancient sites and feel the energy that they eminate is the crown jewel of our journey!

 In the afternoon we visit the Henge shop and the market shops in Marlborough.  Farewell dinner and overnight Marlborough.


Departure Day

May 4th

Today we say our goodbyes to kindred spirits, now life-long friends bound through rich experiences that words will never describe!   With joyous hearts packed full of the magic of Avalon this mythical realm will forever be etched in our memory!

 And through our return the legends live on, the veil parts and the glory of Avalon once again rises through the mists to sound the clarion call to the new world awaiting us all!