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 “Someday what we thought was myth will be found to contain the true history of the past, while what we have always regarded as history will be relegated to a myth of our own making.”




Monday, September 28, 2020 5pm – 7pm DST
Monday, October 12, 2020 5pm – 7pm DST
Monday, October 26, 2020 5pm -7pm CST
Monday, November 9, 2020 5pm – 7pm CST
Monday, November 23, 2020. 5pm – 7pm CST


In this new series we will explore:

The Mythos of Lost Souls, Old Souls and Sacred Contracts

 The wisdom of our soul is not determined by time and the number of lives we have lived, but by the quality of our consciousness.  Our spiritual evolution is our own responsibility and our progress is self evident in the choices that we make and the integration of experiences that grow our soul and expand our awareness. 

What we mistake as an “old soul” is an evolved soul.  The credentials of such a soul are the wisdom that they carry and the amount of light that they hold. From this perspective, we can honor and learn from those who have walked the road before us, and know the work is ours alone to complete.


The Great Cosmic Cycles and the Races of Man 

Our history has totally negated what the mystery traditions have always known as truth – that there are unknown races from lost epochs of time that lived on earth before modern man existed.  We are descendants of these races.  Time is not linear, but cycles within cycles.  The records left by these ancient civilizations and the oral histories of the earth’s oldest living traditions say that we are the people of the prophecies.  In this introductory series we will learn about the esoteric teachings on the lost epochs of time that have occurred on this planet and where we are as a humanity in this grand cosmic cycle.

The Purpose of Mystery Schools and the Seven Sacred Cities

WHY were mystery schools established on every land mass of this planet since the beginning of humankind on this earth?

WHERE are they located?  And HOW have they managed to remain through the lost epochs of time and how does one find entrance into these schools?

WHO were the ancient founders and guardians of these teachings which were not lost, but hidden, until a time when humanity was once again ready to receive these divine truths?   

WHAT important role will these “spiritual refuges” play in the closing of this great cycle?


Emissaries of Light and The Galactic Federation

Spirit beings, angelic intermediaries and emissaries from other realms have existed on earth to aid in the conscious evolution of humanity since this planet was seeded with life. They are not “aliens” to this planet, as they have been here longer than this humanity, nor are they a recent phenomenon.  They have always been part of the oral traditions of indigenous cultures and evidence of their existence and mission are found in all ancient texts and sacred histories.   We are living in a prophetic and transformational time when the veil is thinning between dimensions and worlds. Unexplained events and sightings are now occurring en masse.  

There is much confusion on this matter, some maliciously intended and some well-meant, but misguided. Clarity is of utmost importance  as we as a humanity are now on a universal timeline to meet, greet and integrate with our cosmic family. It is time to evolve past the questioning and fear and move on to the next stage of preparation … contact through peace, goodwill and understanding.      


Please see School of the Sixth Sun for registration and application requirements. The suggested exchange for this full series of five on-line classes with Cynthia is a $75.00 donation which can be paid through pay pal or direct bank deposit.  OR you may choose to contribute what you are able by going to our contribute page.