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2018 TEACHINGS OF THE SACRED dzibilchaltun equinox

Teachings of the Sacred are universal principles and ancient wisdom  based on interconnectedness, mutual respect and unconditional love.  They do not belong to any one religion, culture or tradition…they are the common threads that run through them all. They inspire earth-honoring ways of living shared by the planet’s indigenous wisdomkeepers and ancient mystery school traditions.  They are a catalyst for profound personal transformation and soul acceleration, inspiring more harmonious ways of relating to foster our responsibility as caretakers of a sustainable planet.  They are for this generation, our children and all future generations to come.

Humanity is at a critical cross road in this epoch of time and there has never been a greater need for these teachings of the sacred to awaken us to our true origin, heritage, and soul purpose. The world is shifting. We are now living the prophecies and it is time for movement, time for change, time for expansion. Mother Gaia is going through her final pangs of labor, readying for the birth of a new and sustainable earth fit for future generations of evolved, divine humans. We each have the opportunity and response-ability to actively participate in the creation of this new dream for the planet. Elders of indigenous traditions say that we are “the ones we have been waiting for…the rainbow bridge builders…the people of the “time in-between”.

We are living through the destruction of an old world and the rebuilding of a new and more evolved one. It was no coincidence that you were born into this evolutionary epoch. There are no mistakes. If you are alive, then you signed up for a part to play in this. Everything we choose to do or NOT to do individually, has a major impact on the collective outcome. It is time to awaken to our full potential and return to the Ways of the Sacred…honoring and respecting all life to find our own unique place in it.

How to do it? Where to start? If you want to be of service to others, then work on your own self transformation…your own freedom and happiness, your own limiting beliefs, perception and fears that keep you feeling less than you truly are. As you change, the world will change with you. As you change, your soul’s purpose will become clear. As you change, you will come to the realization that there is nothing separate from your Self. There are no shamans or gurus outside of your Self, but there are guides, teachings and practices that will help you find your way to that place within you.