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WALKING BETWEEN WORLDS: Inter-dimensional Doorways of the Andes


16 days/15 night

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“There are Things Known …

And Things Unknown …

And In-Between are the Doors”  –  Aldous Huxley

On this journey we walk between worlds and step through portals of no time that have always existed in the most remote and sacred regions of Lake Titicaca and the Andes.  It is an immersion into The Land of the Living Energy!


Lake Titicaca (more specifically, the island of the Sun) is located directly at the intersection of two of the most potent telluric energy meridians on the earth’s energy grid system.  Mount Shasta, which corresponds to the earth’s root chakra transmits its life force energy directly to Lake Titicaca. This raw lifeforce from Mt. Shasta is then “birthed into being” through the sexual chakra, which for the earth means that this Lake is the Creation Center of the earth. It is the Creation Center for all species and the advanced evolution of  all current species.  It is the energetic womb for a new humanity to be made manifest on this earth! This is why the region of Lake Titicaca is one of the most active areas on the planet for interdimensional phenomenon and interstellar encounters. Drenched in mystery and myth, Lake Titicaca is the highest navigable lake in the world between Peru and Bolivia. There are a multitude of stories and documentaries about sightings of starships that come and go in the skies and into the deep waters of the Lake, and when conditions are favorable the natives of the islands see reflections of ancient temple cities rising from the watery depths. It all began here. To the Andean people Lake Titicaca is the cradle of Creation where the Sun and Moon were born and the first couple emerged from an underground cave on the Island of the Sun (Titicaca island) to seed humanity and a new civilization after the Great Deluge.  But let’s reach back even deeper into prehistory.  There are not only myths and legends, but physical structures of a much older antediluvian race that was here eons before the flood. They built megalithic temple complexes and carved interdimensional doorways with laser-like precision out of solid stone (that lead to nowhere in the 3rd dimension).  They bore great subterranean tunnel systems and a repository for ancient cosmic wisdom which throughout time has been known as the Monastery of the 7 rays.  All of this is in the region of Lake Titicaca.  Who were they and what purpose did their structures and temples serve?



The Andean people say these structures and the great temple city of Tiawanacu were built by a race that was here before this humanity … “our elder brothers”, the Teachers from the Stars and even “the gods”.  Whatever their name, these interstellar beings and sightings of their craft are nothing new to the Andean people. They have peacefully co-existed with them for thousands of years. These ancient structures which we will be experiencing are interdimensional stargates … cosmic doorways, such as Hayu Marca (Doorway of Aramu Muru) near Lake Titicaca and The Gate of the Sun in Tiawanacu.  They are interdimensional portals between heaven and earth and higher realms.  Structures such as the round Chulpas of Sillustani  were originally built as resonance chambers, and we will participate in a ceremony of connection with the “visitors from the stars at a nearby lagoon.


There is an Andean prophecy that speaks of a time when these Teachers from the Stars (the Brotherhood of Light) and their ships will return through these interdimensional doorways to make their presence known to assist us during a great cosmic transition – and that time is upon us now! Their purpose has been to monitor and assist in the conscious evolvement of humanity on this planet. The return of these emissaries needs to be understood. As the pace quickens through this Shift of the Ages, they will be making themselves known more and more through direct contact, both physically and non-physically. Their mission is to aid us through this transition by helping us to awaken to our own cosmic origins and interconnectedness with all that exists. This journey is about direct experience with this frequency at these interdimensional doorways and portals. It is about participating in the creation process of a new dream for humanity and the planet, not just “talking about it.”  This is a collective vision quest and a “meet and greet” with our multidimensional universe!


If you are ready to experience that which exists beyond our sight into the dimension of the unseen … if you are open to leaping in and out of time to expand your awareness and embrace your true UNIVERSAL heritage – then join us for this epic adventure! This may not be an easy journey physically, but it will be a profound one! To see all these AMAZING sites there is a lot of travelling involved. We will take private vans with guide and driver; boats to the Peruvian Gallapagos and  across the waters of Lake Titicaca where we will stay overnight on the islands of the lake; 4 x 4’ vehicles to traverse the earth’s largest salt flats of UYUNI with its geysers and hotsprings; and we will take an airplane to view the 2000-year-old giant geoglyph figures drawn on the Nazca desert floor, which can only be seen from the air! We will gently begin our pilgrimage at 500 ft. above sea level in Lima and gradually acclimate to altitudes of over 12,500 feet!  (It is not a coincidence that Tibet in the Himalayas and Lake Titicaca are major spiritual centers in remote locations at similar elevations, with pristine air and isolated from the 3rd dimensional world.)  The Dalai Lama visited Peru and Lake Titicaca and spoke with indigenous elders about a prophecy which is now being fulfilled: “Among the cloud-covered peaks of the Peruvian Andes, a geographic shift of the world’s spiritual center will be transferred from the Himalayas to the Andes and the role of American indigenous wisdom traditions will now play an important role in rebalancing the earth.”


APU RUNA is a respected Peruvian sacerdote (priest) of ancient Andean wisdom and has travelled internationally to teach and preserve the culture and traditions of his people.  Apu is also a gifted curandero in the tradition of  Andean Healing through his ancestral family lineage, and it is an honor to have him as our Andean spiritual guide and “opener of the way” throughout our 16 day journey!  Apu is a beautiful spirit and walks in the footsteps of the ancestors, lovingly sharing teachings and  ritual ceremonies with deep reverence for Pachamama (Mother Earth). On Cynthia’s last pilgrimage through Peru and Bolivia, her strong guidance told her that when she arrived to Lake Titicaca there would be a very special shaman that she and her group would connect with and be guided by …  one who has the ability and pure intent to cross them over into the deeper wisdom and mystical realms of the Andes. Through perseverance and a bit of magic, the destined meeting took place, and it was an instant recognition and reunion of souls! The name APU RUNA was ceremonially given to him by his people, and means “the great spirit of man”.  There is much to learn from the knowledge that Apu holds.  He opens a window into an ancient world of living energy and brings us into resonance with that frequency through powerful ritual ceremony and heart-centered intent.   Apu is intimate with his beloved Andes and the native people from the islands of the lake –  each temple, each doorway, each venerated site and all of the places in-between.   We will ritually enter each place in a sacred manner with offering (payment) to the earth and the elements and the unseen guardians who protect the way.  Apu will also introduce our group and work with other respected shamans wo will also share story and ceremony to deeply connect us with the energies of each sacred site and the “visitors from the cosmos!


CYNTHIA FLORES-SIGNET  is a teacher of esoteric wisdom found in indigenous cosmologies, ancient mystery schools and sacred histories. Her life and mission is promoting the resurgence of ancient wisdom teachings, universal truths and earth-honoring ways of living to bridge the Way of the Sacred with today’s Western culture. She has devoted over 40 years of extensive study and apprenticeship with indigenous medicine teachers and wisdom keepers of the Ancient Americas who are holders of the roots of the wisdom traditions and ceremonies of their ancestors. “All of the earth’s wisdomkeepers of sacred traditions are now speaking in one voice to the people of this planet. They are saying that we must go back to the ways of the sacred, and that it will take the combined efforts of all people and the merging and sharing of all universal truths and wisdom traditions if we are to go on from here.  We must gather together as one tribe now, as one heart .  Each road is honored, but it is not the color of our skin that unites us nor the blood that runs through our veins, but the way that we choose to live our lives, the way we choose to treat each other and our Mother Earth. We need to return to what matters, seeing others as an extension of our self and share with each other openly and from the heart.” Cynthia teaches internationally and facilitates spiritual pilgrimages to the earth’s most sacred sites.  She continues to bring the crucial message of the wisdomkeepers and their knowledge so needed in our world to all who wish to listen.


RODOLFO CARRILLO is an intuitive healer and energy practitioner who began his devotion to meditation at the age of  7 years old when he was taught this practice by his mother to transcend the pain of a broken toe.  Rodolfo has travelled to sacred sites extensively, but it was his calling to Tibet in the Himalayas where he had his most profound spiritual awakening.  Rodolfo will be bringing the essence of Tibetan energy of the East to the Andes of the West by sharing profound daily meditation practices with our group to more fully open and connect with the interdimensional frequencies of each sacred site. Rodolfo is from Costa Rica, and is a respected international consultant and coach for developing Conscious Business and Leadership. He bridges the gap between the business and the spiritual world and we are blessed to have him as an expert translator, for bridging the “language gap” as well!