TEOTIHUACAN, in the Nahuatl language means “THE PLACE WHERE THE LORDS OF THE PEOPLE AWOKE FROM THE DREAM OF LIFE TO BECOME GODS!”   If we are the ones we have been waiting for as the Hopi tell us, is this a direct message that has been waiting to be received by this humanity? Are we the ones who will unravel the mysteries, understand the incredibly powerful energetic frequencies and ancient knowledge that this sacred site holds for humankind?  We are in the midst of a shift of the ages, and we too, speak of our own “awakening”; of “ascension” and of breaking free from the matrix to pierce the veil into a higher dimension of consciousness.    

 If you have ever been to the pyramids of Teotihuacan it is not hard to understand why it is still such a mystery to modern day archaeologists and scientists. Even though it is estimated that less than 15% of the complex has been unearthed, what we can see in plain sight has been beyond our level of comprehension to accurately interpret.  Other megalithic structures such as Tiawanacu in Bolivia,  the Giza pyramids of Egypt and other sites around the planet carry a similar signature whose origins can be found in the same ancient builder race that was here from an earlier epoch on this planet.

Their message was not left in ancient glyphs or writings, but in their construction. The entire complex itself is a cosmic equation, a language of high mathematical and astronomical knowledge replicated in the design and alignment of its temples. Teotihuacan was built on a geodetic grid system (a power center) in perfect sacred geometrical alignment with the cosmos to harness the energy of earth and sky.   To understand it, we must go back to the original truth of the purpose TEOTIHUACAN served by those who built it. They were not gods, they were a highly advanced ancient builder race who came and left their construction in specific locations across the planet.  The memory of their existence has been kept alive through indigenous cosmologies, myths and legends.  With recent archaeological discoveries of lost civilizations and ancient texts we are now coming closer to the truth.  As we delve deeper into who they were and why they were here, so too are we coming closer to the truth and understanding of who WE ourselves are and where we came from.  The answer to both of these questions may very well be the same!  

In the RIFT OF PERCEPTION CONFERENCE in Teotihuacan this September, the teachings will be on-site, for us to experience the electromagnetic energies of this ancient pyramid complex and witness firsthand the mysterious anomalies of this Dwelling Place of the Gods!  This is just a sampling of what we will be discussing in depth:

  • THE SUMERIAN CONNECTION:  This is the least understood and perhaps the most important information about the original builders of Teotihuacan, as well as Tiawanaku/Puma Punku (Bolivia) in the Ancient Americas. This is not conjecture.  It is documented on clay tablets in the oldest known language (Sumerian cuneiform script); it is remembered in the original creation myth of the people from the Lake Titicaca region; it is part of the wisdom teachings passed down through oral traditions of South African, Toltec and Mayan wisdomkeepers;  and it is referenced in the holy books and chronicles of the Americas. Once all of these dots are connected, there is no doubt that this civilization “that from heaven to earth came”  played a significant role in the building and prehistory of Teotihuacan. One of the leaders of this race and chief architect was known as Thoth to the Egyptians, Ningishzidda to the Sumerians and South  Africans, Quetzalcoatl to the Toltecs, Kulkulcan to the Maya, and Virachocha to the people of the Andes.  


  •  GIANTS:  In Aztec chronology, this present fifth world has been preceded by the destruction of four previous worlds (called Suns). They say that Teotihuacan existed in the time of the Second Sun and was built by a race of giants who came from the heavens. When the Aztecs arrived in Mexico, Teotihuacan was abandoned to time for thousands of years and the city was intentionally buried under tons of earth, and the Pyramid of the Sun was covered in Black Basalt rock.  This pushes the age of Teotihuacan thousands (if not tens of thousands of years) before the now accepted chronology, which is constantly being pushed back as new discoveries emerge. 
  • MICA:  The fifth layer (or tier) of THE PYRAMID OF THE SUN (the third largest pyramid of the planet) was originally covered with a thick sheet of Mica, quarried from a Brazilian mine more than 2000 miles away. Mica-lined underground passages and subterranean rooms off of the Avenida de los Muertos near the Pyramid of the Sun have also been discovered. Archeologists have also found a system of pipes and water channels underneath the mica floor. Mica is used as an insulator in electronic and atomic apparatus and is a highly efficient energy conductor. In ancient times in many parts of the world mica was used at temple and pyramid sites as a means of gathering and concentrating energy, which could then be directed into a water source to enhance the frequencies in the surrounding environment.  
  • LIQUID MERCURY and MYSTERIOUS METALLIC SPHERES:  Quantities of liquid mercury and hundreds of shiny, metallic spheres ae among the more than 50,000 artifacts that have recently been uncovered in a tunnel that runs directly underneath the Temple of the Plumed Serpent .This precisely cut tunnel runs more than 330 ft (100 meters) under the pyramid and is divided into sub-chambers. Hundreds of these golden spheres (composed of pyrite, “fools gold” and a mixture of adobe and crushed rock) have been strategically placed on the earthen floor,  while parts of the tunnel itself seem to replicate the cosmos, with pyrite rock and powder embedded within the tunnel walls and ceiling which lights up the tunnel like a starry night.  Liquid mercury is a rare find in sacred sites of Mesoamerica, and is a conductive element with anti-gravitational properties.  It is also described in the ancient sanskrit Vedic Texts as a proponent of the propulsion systems of (vimanas), the flying machines of the gods! 

  •  GEOMAGNETIC FIELDS, TELLURIC ENERGY AND PYRAMID BUILDING:  Let us for a moment entertain the perspective that Teotihuacan is much older than a couple of thousand years.  Even though this tunnel system underneath the Pyramid of the Plumed Serpent was intentionally sealed more than 1,800 years ago, this does not necessarily mean that the people that occupied it and placed these ritual objects of veneration were from the original builder race that created it.  What if these tunnel systems were used for a different purpose tens of thousands of years earlier?  What if Teotihuacan, just like a large number of  ancient pyramid sites across the planet, was not intended as a dwelling place of the gods, but designed and engineered as energy generators or processing facilities that our modern science and technology has yet to comprehend?   The recent use of state-of-the-art equipment to accurately measures the electromagnetic energy and telluric (earth) energy fields of specific pyramids and their locations around the globe is verifying what the ancients have always known …. that these structures and their predetermined locations magnified the naturally occurring telluric (earth) energies, which they were able to harness for use and which had a positive affect on the surrounding environment.   

In sacred time, there is no time.  At Teotihuacan, all dimensions exist at once.  The wisdom and technology of the ancients have not been lost, simply hidden from our 3rd-dimensional view. The essence of cosmic knowledge remains in the magnified frequencies and sacred geometrical construction of the site itself.  We can retrieve it when we are capable of understanding it, not only with our minds but with our consciousness, and we are standing at the threshold of that time now!  

Join CYNTHIA FLORES-SIGNET for a perception-altering experience into the truth of our origins at one of the most important power sites on the planet!