If  We Can Dream It, We Can Create It! 

Humanity is awakening to a new dream of higher vision and purpose and The School of the Sixth Sun is an expression of this emerging  consciousness.  Our mission is to promote more harmonious ways of living based on mutual respect and interconnectedness, and offer disciplines that foster our responsibilities as co-creators and caretakers of a thriving earth.

The School of the Sixth Sun sponsors sacred study programs with Cynthia Flores-Signet and other guest teachers leading in the fields of new consciousness, the sacred sciences, energy medicine and the healing arts.  The School works directly with indigenous wisdomkeepers of ancestral knowledge and earth honoring traditions through the sponsorship of workshops and journeys to the earth’s most sacred sites. 



Have more time than money?Awesome!  Let us know what you love to do and how you would like to contribute your time and talent to this project now or in the future.

We need volunteers in english/spanish translatIon; videographers; photographers; editors and researchers. For our building projects we need volunteers savvy in crowd-funding campaigns and social media; carpenters, builders, landscape designers, organic gardeners; herbalists and artists.  Whatever your heart contribution is, there will be a place for you!  



Have more money than time?

We are currently raising funds for our building project which includes a simple classroom, a kitchen and dining hall.

We are also seeking sponsorship to fund the transportation and basic expenses to host our indigenous elders who will be sharing their knowledge and ways with us. 

If you are economically abundant or just feel the call to help kick-start our vision into reality, thank you for your contribution!   No donation is too small and will be appreciated!


I am because we are!

The indigenous understanding and meaning of life is expressed in the knowing that we are all connected and that whatever it is that we do as individuals vibrates out to all humanity.  In Africa it is called UBUNTU, which is the belief that we are defined through our compassion and  kindness to others  …“I am because we are.”  To “inspire” means to breathe life into something and cause it to grow.  Our mission is to bring these ancient wisdom teachings and ceremonies, the knowledge of the wisdomkeepers and these ways of the sacred to live in the hearts of the people of this earth.  You are part of it!

This school will serve as a bridge to bring the wisdom of the elders from different earth traditions and ancient knowledge found in mystery school traditions to assist humanity forward into a new paradigm based on the universal principles of love, mutual respect and interconnectedness. All contributions, no matter how small will be greatly appreciated.

Please click the link below which will allow you to specify what your donation is to be used for, or we will apply funds where they are most needed. We will let you know of the progress we are making on the project that you donate to.  Thanks so much!