Meet Cynthia

When I was little, I brought with me the light and the magic.  Painfully shy of humans my first nine years, I preferred to converse with the wind, splash in ditch water the color of chocolate, and wear writhing snakes on my body like a baby medusa, which would send my mother screaming and my siblings yelling that something was seriously wrong with me!  

My playmates were the spirits of the caves and mountains, the trees and the earth.  I had guides and angels and other luminous beings telling me what would be required and that I might forget, “but try hard not to” they would warn, as time goes by and the density of this world closes in and over you.  “Don’t forget us, don’t forget the truth of who you are and where you came from.”  I never forgot!   My life is a dedication, a celebration and a remembrance of that original truth until I find myself back home again!   Cynthia Flores-Signet

And isn’t that what it’s all about … finding our way back home?   In my life I have been gifted with several true and fierce teachers, some famous and others infamous.  They each helped me to grow into my own skin.  They relentlessly pushed me outside of my comfort zone until I learned to live there, to make change and the unknown my allies.  They taught me how to see and know, not just believe that there were more realities than this one.  They all knew who I was before I did, and prepared me well for the path that destiny had in mind for me. For those teachings and teachers I am forever grateful! 

I was trained and taught in the “old ways” through oral tradition and “direct experience with” by indigenous wisdom keepers of the Ancient Americas.  I respect and trust this form of learning which is the path of all initiates of mystery school traditions. It is not only about collecting information, it is about integrating it. The teachings that I carry were passed to me through years of apprenticeship and study with medicine teachers who ruthlessly pushed me through direct and profound experiences and initiations until these teachings became alive in me.  I remembered who I was and my world changed.  I was no longer controlled by fear or limited perception.  I came to understand that we are so much more powerful than we know.  I clearly saw that the definition that modern society gives to freedom, love and happiness are concepts that do not even remotely resemble the truth of their meaning.  And the greatest gift of all from these teachings is to live an authentic life outside of the limited societal constructs.  

I call this way of living the way of the sacred, where all life is acknowledged and revered because we are all connected.  These ancient wisdom teachings are threads of original truth that have been woven into all great philosophies, religions and cultures.  This original wisdom has endured through the darkest times to serve as a a perpetual beacon of light for humanity on this planet since time began.  There has been no greater need for these teachings, the original truth of who we are and why we are here, than in this epoch of time we are living through now.  It is a navigation system for resetting our directional course as a humanity.  It is a fragile and awesome time to be alive on this planet!  All prophecies have foretold of nothing less than a total transformational shift in consciousness that will propel us into a  frequency that we have no reference point for in this 3rd dimensional reality.  It is not only coming, it is here!
To share these ways, these ancient wisdom teachings with you is the most powerful way I know to begin the inner process of becoming responsible for our own reality and to consciously and collectively create a new earth.  I believe our survival as a humanity depends on this awakening.  To live an authentic and happy life is a process.  It is not accomplished in one seminar or by reading a book, but through daily integration and practice. The magic is out there, but not without the desire and the commitment it takes to walk the road.  The path is open to those who wish to walk it. Many can point the way, but you’ve got to use your own two feet to get there! I invite you to walk with me as we explore these teachings and ways of the sacred through classes, apprenticeship training’s and journeys to the earth’s most sacred sites.
With respect for all paths and true teachers of the One Light,
In service and love, Cynthia


About Cynthia

CYNTHIA FLORES-SIGNET is an international teacher of spirituality and esoteric wisdom found in indigenous cosmologies, ancient mystery schools and sacred texts.   She carries the ceremonies, practices and knowledge of over 30 years of intense study and apprenticeship with medicine teachers and wisdom keepers of the Ancient Americas. Through these heart-centered teachings that honor and empower each person’s unique spiritual path,  her mission is to bridge these Ways of the Sacred with today’s Western culture.  She believes the retrieval  and resurgence of these wisdom teachings and earth-honoring ways are crucial for humanity in this time now. They serve as directional guideposts for awakening to our full potential and for creating a new earth for our children and our children’s children. 

Cynthia teaches internationally and offers workshops, retreats and spiritual journeys to the earth’s most sacred sites. She continues her work with wisdom keepers of the world’s sacred traditions in her search for humanities true origins through the retrieval of arcane knowledge, lost records and censored archaeology.   Cynthia is also founder and visionary of THE CIRCLE OF THE ANCIENT SISTERHOOD,  an international alliance of women dedicated to the resurgence of ancient practices, ceremonies and wisdom of the Sacred Feminine principle.