From Cynthia

For over 35 years I apprenticed under medicine teachers and wisdom keepers of the Ancient Americas until I became all that I was taught. I was hung by my feet off a pyramid, nearly froze to death in a vision quest, stared a cougar down in the wild, and had my life laid out by those that could evidently “see it” better than I could. More than just making my life a great adventure, my intent for enduring all of these initiations was a tenacious search for the truth of who I was and why I was here. What I found is now my dedication, my passion and my soul’s purpose.
It was not my personal intention to be a guide or teacher, but that is what I am. It is out of love and respect for the true teachers that gave light to my own awakening that I also share the same with those that ask. It is a sacred responsibility to pass on what is given, and not ours to keep.
There are more paths to God than there are stars in the sky, and as long as you set your course on one of them there is not one way more conscious or holier than another. We all have the precious freedom to choose our own road, or blaze a brand new trail.  To share these ancient wisdom teachings with you is the most powerful way I know to begin the inner process of becoming response-able for our own reality. I believe our survival as a humanity depends on this awakening of consciousness. To live an authentic and happy life is a process…it is not accomplished in one seminar or by reading a book, but through daily integration and practice. The path is open to those who wish to walk it. Many can point the way, but you’ve got to use your own two feet to get there! I invite you to walk with me as we explore these teachings and ways of the sacred through classes, apprenticeship trainings and journeys to the earth’s most sacred sites.
With respect for all paths and true teachers that light the way,
In love, Cynthia

About Cynthia

Cynthia is a teacher of esoteric wisdom found in indigenous traditions, ancient mystery schools and sacred histories.  She has devoted over 35 years of extensive study and apprenticeship with indigenous medicine teachers, shamans, and wisdom keepers of the Ancient Americas.  She believes that the retrieval and preservation of these ancient wisdom teachings and earth honoring traditions is crucial for humanity and our planet in this time now.  To bridge these Ways of the Sacred with today’s modern culture is the potion for our soul sickness and for regaining our balance and remembering our interconnectedness with all that is.

Cynthia shares these universal teachings as a path towards self-realization and for learning to live in harmony with the natural and unseen world.  She lectures and teaches internationally, and continues to work closely with elders of indigenous traditions through sacred study programs.