From Cynthia

The ancient wisdom teachings that I carry were passed to me through oral tradition from a line of indigenous wisdom keepers of the Ancient Americas.  These amazing medicine teachers shared their ancestral knowledge through years of intense apprenticeship, until the teachings became alive in me.  They ruthlessly pushed me into different realities through direct and profound experiences and initiations until I was no longer controlled by fear or limited perceptions.  My world changed.   I understood that freedom IS happiness, and the definition that modern society gives to these concepts does not even remotely resemble the esoteric truth of their meaning.  And the greatest gift of all that these teachers that became my family gave to me, is that they showed me how to live life through their example.  They did not tell me what was right for me. 
I call this way of living life, the way of the sacred, where all life is acknowledged and revered because it is all connected.  It is a life of authenticity where we are free to be who we truly are and define our own happiness.          
There is an ancient body of knowledge, threads of original truth that have been woven into all great philosophies and cultures.  This original wisdom has been hidden, not lost, through the darkest times to serve as a a perpetual beacon of light for humanity on this planet since time began.  There has been no greater need for these teachings, the original truth of who we are and where we came from, than in this epoch of time we are living through now.  They are a navigation system for resetting our directional course as a humanity; for regaining our spiritual balance and recovering our soul purpose. They are a foundation for cosmic understanding and soul evolution!
To share these ancient wisdom teachings with you is the most powerful way I know to begin the inner process of becoming responsible for our own reality. I believe our survival as a humanity depends on this awakening of consciousness. To live an authentic and happy life is a process.  It is not accomplished in one seminar or by reading a book, but through daily integration and practice. The path is open to those who wish to walk it. Many can point the way, but you’ve got to use your own two feet to get there! I invite you to walk with me as we explore these teachings and ways of the sacred through classes, apprenticeship training’s and journeys to the earth’s most sacred sites.
With respect for all paths and true teachers of the One Light,
In service and love, Cynthia