“In these times of great change those who are open to learning will seize the future,
while those who think they know everything will be well equipped for a world
that no longer exists.”


THE SCHOOL OF THE SIXTH SUN is dedicated to share universal truths and cosmic teachings safeguarded since ancient times for the new evolution of humanity on this planet.  The truth is not what we were told and we are not who we act out to be.  This is the time of the Great Awakening and now it is our mission to remember who we are and why we are here to actively participate as co-creators of a new earth –  The Sixth Sun!   

 Conscious Living in the New Millennium 

It starts with you.  Know thyself.  Find your passion and act on it.  As we search for more fulfilling ways of living and relating the old paradigms and structures are falling away.  How do we redefine our reality and choose a more conscious way to live happier and “whole”  within our own being and with each other?

There are no road maps to follow, no comfort zones to retreat to, and no gurus outside of ourselves. As the Hopi elders tell us, we are the ones we have been waiting for and the time is NOW to act on what we know.  We are the co-creators of this Great Shift and it is our own individual and collective consciousness that will dictate how we cross into the new millennium. What we are capable of creating with our own words, thoughts, intent and action is heaven or hell, love or fear, harmony or chaos. It is our greatest call to action! It is perhaps the most pivotal point in our human, planetary and cosmic evolution!

Did we choose to be here now and do this? YES!!

This knowledge, these ancient wisdom teachings have been with us since the beginning of time on this planet. They are a beacon of light for a humanity that  has lost its way. They are tools and navigational maps to bring us back to ourselves, to remind us of who we really are and to call us to our greater purpose. The truth is vibratory.  If these teachings resonate with you then I invite you to use and integrate them into your life. This is a time for those with knowledge to apply it. If we live true to ourselves with great intent, integrity and impeccability, we can together prepare to joyfully greet the dawning of the Sixth Sun!

It is an honor to have been asked to share my words on the Sixth Sun website for the presentation of their amazing film, TIME OF THE SIXTH SUN.  I travel to the earth’s sacred sites and study with wisdomkeepers of ancient traditions.  These elders carry star knowledge and cosmic wisdom from civilizations that preceded our own, and these sacred sites are repositories of this original truth that hold resonance for us as a humanity to help us through these times.
 What is the Sixth Sun?

We, our planet, and the entire Solar System are in the midst of a cosmic shift.  We are now moving in the great cosmic cycle of time from the Fifth Sun into the Sixth Sun. It is the mission of the Fifth Sun is to create movement in great waves of cleansing and change in order to make ready for the birthing of the Sixth Sun. It means a breaking up of old patterns and beliefs from third dimensional materialism and external control to movement into inter-dimensional realms, understanding our placement within the universe as fully actualized beings of light. 

On a cellular level, the intensity of the light and the vibrational frequencies will continue to increase to a transformational level…to a higher frequency of light, the light of the Sixth Sun! This is not an elective situation. It is a wake-up call out of the dense cocoon that has been lulling us into a deep, unconscious sleep. We are transmuting from third dimensional consciousness to Christed or cosmic consciousness!

There are no veils of separation to hide behind. The intensity of this new light holds no shadow. So yes, it is an extremely fragile, beautiful & powerful time that we are living in.  We must return to things that really matter, to our connection with all things seen and unseen. It is time to remember who we are and know that there are more realities than this one. We must learn to walk in balance, live in reverent intimacy with nature and create a world that we can offer with love to our children and their children’s children. 

The ancient people knew this. Some of the indigenous races on our planet have continued to live in this manner despite insurmountable difficulties. They know that what we call death/destruction is just a natural passage into a cycle of new life, regeneration & transformation. It is nothing to fear. The wisdom found in the earth’s mystery school traditions and the knowledge left in the guardianship of the earth’s wisdom keepers is ready to be shared with humanity to help us find safe passage in our transit to the Sixth Sun, hopefully in peace & balance. It is time to listen.” Cynthia Flores-Signet 




Soulwork Weekend Intensive
MAY 18 & 19, 2024