Thanks and Appreciation from Kindred Spirits of Past Journeys!

Cynthia, thank you so much for the wonderful journey we took together! Thank you for the healing and the laughter, the joy and the sacredness, the time for each of us and the time for all of us! I bless the earth every morning in the name of all creation, in the name of all who have forgotten, and with every fiber of my interdemensional being … in recognition of the lessons learned and the beginning of a new cycle of love, truth and joy.  Namaste!

From M.J. (U.K.)


Thank you so much for an amazing time!  I cannot count how many gifts and pearls of wisdom I received!  The journey flowed so beautifully that I felt the love and the energy expand my heart and grow on many levels.  Please know that you have given me so much inspiration.  I love you dearly and I look forward to our next adventure! –

From A.M. (U.K.)


Thank you, Cynthia, for the wonderful experience of Teotihuacan!  For me this was the most life changing journey … totally unexpected realizations of my life path and the next steps to take.  I witnessed how you allowed Spirit to work through your gentle, non-judgemental and loving example of living the teachings you share with us.  Thank you for giving me the space so that I could experience how, if we listen and trust, LIFE shows us the way, how to live heaven on earth.  My soul is happy!

–  From L.R. (Costa Rica)


The level of importance of the trip Cynthia offered us is hard to match.  Not only were we taken to beautiful sacred Mayan sites, but we were taught the true purpose and significance of how they blended their knowledge of architecture, philosophy, astronomy and spirituality in order to leave us a cosmic university that has the power to tell us where we are and where we are going as spiritual beings, having chosen a human experience on this planet. It’s knowledge that the world needs to hear and remember in these times of change.  Thank you, Cynthia. You have planted a great and powerful seed in me that I can’t help but share with others and cherish for the rest of my life. THANK YOU, with all my love!  – From D.V. (Miami, Fl) 


Just a note to tell you what a profound experience this trip through the sacred lands of the Southwest was for me.  I had always wanted to do something like it, and here it was, open and available to us.  Our time in the tipi will never be forgotten, it was/is beyond words! Thank you for putting me together with my roommate, there was instant and mutual resonance and recognition of a kindred soul.  Good energy, and no doubt I will do more journeys with you as time allows! 

 From N.G. (Austin, Texas)

This journey has reopened a magical door in my life.  It has been amazing and wonderful to be a part of this group!  I have come to understand certain things about my life that have allowed me to move forward into love.  Being guided through the sites with love certainly made the difference.  I am grateful for every step, every person on my pathway, everything!  I will take with me peace in my heart and an unbelievable memory of a magical trip!   It is like we went back in time to see and live ancient Egypt!   My life is filled with love towards all Egypt, past, present and future!  My relationship has been strengthened by the experiences, and my life will not be the same.  Thank you all!  From R.C. (Costa Rica)

This journey has not only been amazing, but incredibly complete and fulfilling in every aspect.  It has been a magical adventure and I just loved it!  Magic is here, it is everywhere, it has never left me.  I’ve been asking for a long time to open and to be able to open to love without restriction, and this is something that this journey taught me and I thank everyone in this group and in this country who made it happen!  Thank you!

 From J.L. (Spain)