Why Sacred Travel?

Humanity is awakening to a new dream of higher vision and purpose, and these soul impacting journeys provide a space for direct experience with this new emerging frequency.  Each pilgrimage is impeccably designed to inspire profound personal transformation and soul acceleration, using the energies available at these sacred earth sites which are built on ley lines and energy vortex centers. 

On each unique pilgrimage, Cynthia works directly with expert local guides and guardians of the temples, wisdomkeepers and indigenous elders, healers and shamans to immerse participants into the cultural and ancient spiritual traditions and practices of the region. Through ancient wisdom teachings and ceremony a harmonic resonance is created and subtle energies are activated. A reciprocity, a sacred communication is established between the seen and the unseen, between dimensions, between worlds. 




The Importance of Spiritual Pilgrimages

Across an energetic grid that encircles our entire planet, there are points or nodes where the flow of electromagnetic energy is concentrated. In the ancient past, megalithic standing stones, pyramids and temples were purposely placed and constructed on these natural meridian points to harness earth’s energy and reinforce this vital flow of life force current across our planet. This energy was used for different purposes by ancient civilizations and created a harmonious environment for the well-being of humanity. 

This energy network ceased to function eons ago. Whether or not this was intentionally disrupted, the raw currents of energy still exist at most of these sacred sites on planet earth.  The ancient megaliths, pyramids and temples continue to function as power centers which can be utilized as a “quickening” for our own awakening. Reciprocally, those that are called in service to these sacred sites act as conduits in reactivating and revitalizing the energy grid for the planet. The ancient ones and those of indigenous earth traditions are aware of this “as above, so below” reciprocation of energy. When ceremony is performed at sacred sites (especially during equinoxes, solstices, lunar and solar eclipses and planetary alignments), life affirming energies of the cosmos are drawn down to the earth, anchoring the sacred above with the sacred below. In this way we become active participants in the Creation process.